A Traditional

Eastern European menu

new dishes in our menu

A great selection of dishes for winter time.

Kamchatskiy krab and oscietra 

exclusive seafood set: Kamchatka crab claws, smoked sturgeon and lightly salted salmon served with Grenki (2-4 people)


refreshing cold beetroot soup made with kefir

Yazik stroganoff

beef tongue in a ream and mushroom sauce with mashed potato


boneless pan fried half chicken with cherry tomatoes, red peppers, fresh cucumber, garlic sauce and spicy red sauce

To share

A great selection of dishes to share between friends.

Pirozhok s Myasom

beef stuffed soft dough mini pies


toasted garlic bread with garlic sour cream

Sukhaya Rybka k Pivo

dried salted fish snack for beer


pickled cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms


salted and cured pork lard


prawns in the shell, boiled, ½ kilogram

Molosolni Losos

lightly smoked salmon


beef tongue with horseradish

Kurinye Krilishki

oven baked honey and mustard chicken wings


Russian soups to revive you after your banya

Ribniy Soup

rustic Russian fish soup with sour cream

Ukrainian borscht

beetroot and vegetable soup with beef stock (vegetarian available)


basket of rye bread


light and airy, homemade Ukrainian white bread rolls


Try these classic Russian salads as a starter or to accompany a main course

Russky Salat Olivie

cooked vegetable, pickle and chicken salad in Mayo dressing


beetroot, pickles, sauerkraut

Osenniy Salat

light cabbage, cucumber and carrot salad with olive oil dressing

Seliodka pod Shuboi

salted herring, vegetable and mayonnaise salad (only advance orders)


Delicious, homemade, traditional Russian dishes if you have a real appetite


dumplings stuffed with caramelised cabbage and mashed potatoes

Selyodka s Molodoi Kartoshkoi

herring with boiled baby potatoes

Blini s Krasnoi Ikroi

pancakes served with red caviar


dumplings stuffed with beef and chicken mince

Gaviadina s Podlivoi

beef stew served with buckwheat, baby new potatoes or mashed potato

Pozharskye Kotleti

chicken meatballs with buckwheat, baby new potatoes or mashed potato


miniature buttermilk pancakes served with s Chornoi Ikroi (Royal) – Royal Black Caviar s Chornoi Ikroi (Premium) – Premium Black Caviar


Delicious, homemade, traditional Russian dishes if you have a real appetite

Tortik medovik

please ask for details


cottage cheese pancakes with Ukrainian honey, condensed milk or jam


pancakes with Ukrainian honey, sweet condensed milk or jam


After an invigorating banya session, choose from a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks


Pot of Herbal Tea / 1 ltr


Buckwheat Honey / 50 g Wild Flower Honey / 50 g

Voda. Bezalkogolny napitki

Borjomi Sparkling Water

500 ml

Still/Sparkling Water

750 ml


fermented drink made from rye bread

500 ml


cranberry and rosehip drink 500 ml


dried fruit drink made in house 500 ml


sea buckthorn drink 500 ml

Pivo / Vodka / Shampanskoye


Rothhaus, German Pilsner

Rothhaus, German Wheat

Baltika Zero

470 ml

Beluga Vodka

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka – 50 ml shot – £5.5 Beluga Noble Russian Vodka – bottle – £75 Beluga Gold Line – bottle – £165

Bollinger Special Cuvée



200 cl

A visit to the banya will give you a real appetite and thirst and no Russian banya experience is complete without a traditional Russian meal. The Bath House menu is full of freshly cooked seasonal dishes inspired by the best recipes from Russian cuisine. We have drawn inspiration for our dishes from all regions of Russia. To drink choose from our range of herbal teas, juices and classic Russian drinks like kvas, mors and oblepikha, all designed to rehydrate you after your banya session and treatments. Then maybe have a bowl of borscht or solyanka, thick with sausage and vegetables and accompanied by smetana. Pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms or a plate of Russian charcuterie are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of beer and can be shared with friends. For something more substantial try pelmeni, stuffed cabbage rolls, kotleti po pozharski or blini with caviar. For something sweeter we recommend syrniki with honey or jam. Hot or cold, whatever you pick from our seasonal menu, you can be sure of an authentic Russian meal.