Banya and Mental Health

Banya History

Find out about the history of banya and why it’s become so popular.

Interesting Facts

Read interesting facts about banya and its rituals to get to know to it more.

Banya Visit Tips

Get some useful tips on banya visits: what to do in banya and how to make the most of it.

Health Benefits

learn about banya health benefits so it can become your new lifestyle guide.

  • adminJuly 29, 2021
    For past generations It’s a Wonderful Life was the classic Christmas movie, whereas now it might be Home Alone or Love Actually.
  • adminJuly 29, 2021
    Do you know how exposure to steam and heat affect the human body and can benefit you during the cold and flu season? Are you aware of the health benefits of a visit to the banya? Read on to find out more.