BANYAin Belgravia





Located in a former bank opposite Buckingham Palace

Somewhere to meet:​

Banya is somewhere to wash, to relax, to eat and drink, do business and to meet friends. Whereever there are Russians, you will find banyas. 


Ranked No 1 among all spas in London

Some History:​

The banya has its origins in the woods and was where people would meet to wash. A large wooden chamber was heated using a wood-burning stove onto which water was thrown to generate steam




Best Day Spa in London 2021




On the cover of The Times


Choose from a range of invigorating treatments including venik massage or parenie, organic body scrubs, wraps, soap massage and conventional massage. The benefits are amplified when your body is relaxed after banya.

Food and drinks

You will have an appetite after your session and we offer a range of snacks to share, classic soups and traditional Russian dishes as well as caviar. Restorative herbal teas, home made drinks also complement the banya experience.

Our story

A traditional Russian banya at the Bath House offers a unique combination of social relaxation and health benefits. It will help you unwind, relieve the stresses of urban life, recover after exercise and reconnect with friends.


Book for your group of up to 8 people and enjoy authentic Russian banya, invigorating treatments like parenie and delicious Russian food and drink


Mondays and Thursdays





Mixed days

Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Please note that swimwear on these days is essential.


Monday - Saturday
From 10 AM to 11 PM

From 10 AM to 10 PM

1 Grosvenor Gardens

You can download our comprehensive guide to find out more what you can expect from your visit to the Russian Banya​.

Check our gallery with pictures of Private and Public Banya.

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